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Friday, December 18, 2009

Southern Lights 2009

This was towards the end of the night. Sophia was playing with my camera. I wont show you all the finger print photos. lol.

Sam and Sophia admiring the large scale train display. They loved seeing the trains and the gentleman who ran this particular display got a big kick out of Sam's reactions each time he stopped the train in front of Sam to look at it.

Mommy and Sophia under the Christmas tree.

We tried taking a self portrait picture. I don't think we did that bad really.

Sam wasn't about sitting still to take a picture with me under the tree.

Sophia and Daddy check out the animals at the petting zoo. Sophia loved watching the camels.

Sam was so excited to see all the animals. He and I even got to feed the donkey and some goats and we petted just about every animal in there.

Sam loved these guys. The cows were so soft and were so friendly.

Entrance to Southern Lights. It wasn't snowing but this picutre makes it look like it was.
*Last night we took the kids to Southern Lights out at the KY Horse Park. We have gone every year for the last 3 years and have enjoyed it. This year was even more fun than the last few years as Sam was really getting into all the lights and telling us about everything that he saw around him. We had a wonderful time seeing all the beautiful lights, petting animals at the petting zoo, checking out the train and doll house exhibits, and most of all getting to see Santa. Sam was wonderful and didn't cry at all and was very excited to see him and get his piece of candy. Sophia didn't like it so much but all in all it was a great time. Oh and the best part since we went on a Thursday night we got a free 6pack of Ale-8.

Isn't she charming?

Sophia and I made it out for lunch one day without the boys. She really enjoyed being out with just mommy and being able to have a whole meal to herself without having to share with her brother.

Trip to the eye doctor

On Wed. Sam and I took a trip to the eye doctor. He has to have an eye exam for school and I hadn't had one since my freshmen year of college so I was over due for one too. I had Sam watch the episode of Blues Clues where Blue goes to the eye doctor so he would have an idea of what we were doing. As it turned out we had fun. I made it all seem like a game and that each time we did what the doctor asked us to do that we were winning and in the end we would get a treat.
We both had to have our eyes dialated which was not fun at all. It was very difficult to see clearly and Sam was a bit frustrated that everything was so brite and that he couldn't see. He did great though and we even managed to play with his Thomas flashcards while we waited for our eyes to dialate fully. Sam really was a trooper though and in the end got a Sally sticker (from the movie Cars). The pictures above were taken while my eyes were dilated and I wasn't sure if you would be even to tell what was going on as I couldn't even see when I was taking the pictures. lol.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Spotlight on Etsy

Thought it might be fun to share some of my favorites from Etsy. I am constantly looking on there for fun ideas of things to make or to buy. What can I say I'm a sucker for homemade or recycled items. Here are 10 things that I found that I wouldn't mind owning. If you need any gift ideas for someone (and I'm not saying me) maybe you could check out the links for each item to see if maybe one of those could be the perfect gift for someone (or for yourself :))
It's winter and who doesn't need a new scarf. These look super comfy and very durable and would be great for jazzing up my black or gray winter coats. Best part too is that it could be a Harry Potter scarf :) Check them out here:

I want this necklace! I love the mixture of the metal and beadwork and even though I'm not sure what I would even wear this with I find it very charming and would find a way to have it on display. Check it out here:

I'm not a wine drinker but I love this tray. How stylish is this little tray and what a great conversation piece it would be when you use it to serve beverages or treats on at your next party. Check it out here:

Love this earthy flower vase. It would look great with a huge bunch of flowers in it or sitting out for all to see without anything in it.

Nothing says winter like snowflakes. This simple but fun little necklace would be a great way to let everyone know that I'm excited about winter. They can be found here:

I wish I could make one of these little hats. I know that my little girl would be tickled to have one of these hats. Look at how precious it is. Love the colors and the little flower. Check out this hat and others here:

These are beautiful and simple. I could wear these with everything and feel just a little dressed up without being over the top. You can find these and other great handmade items here at:

This little book would be a fun little pad to take notes in or to stash away in the kids bag for them to color in. This little book is made with recycled game boards and the seller also has some books made with recycled disks. Check them out here:

Love this bag. It's cute and it's sylish. Technically it's a diaper bag but it would be a great bag to carry around even if you didn't need it for baby gear. Lots of great colors to choose from and a very reasonable price. Personally I love the red. Check it out here:

I love Owls. I found this and though it was absolutely adorable. This would be great on my bed. Check it out at this store:

Stormtrooper iphone/ipod/itouch cover. How fun is this? The seller also makes other covers that have Batman and other things on them too. Check them out here:

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Wilmore Old Fashioned Christmas

Tonight I took the kids down to Wilmore for the Old Fashioned Christmas activities. We met up with Peg and walked down to see the tree lighting and then went over and met Santa. Neither Sam or Sophia were very excited about being too close to Santa so I wasn't able to get a good picture of the kids with Santa. It was pretty cold out too (in fact we had our first snow this morning when we got up so it was a brisk day all day) so we bundled up and headed out to explore a few of the businesses around town to get some treats. Sam had his first taste of Hot Chocolate and loved it and Sophia enjoyed her first taste of chex mix. We even got to see a fire truck up close. Sam wasn't thrilled about it up close but mommy got to sit up and the truck and check things out and that was pretty cool. :) We also got to check out some live music around town which was lots of fun for my kids who love to dance. Thanks to Nana Peg for her help in keeping everyone warm and helping us navigate through the masses.

Gingerbread house

Today Todd, Sam, and I decorated our first gingerbread house. We bought a premade kit that we picked up Kroger. It was a total mess and it's already falling apart but we at least had some good laughs trying to get it to stay together.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Waiting for the bus....

Just some pictures from this week while we waited for the school bus. The kids are much too cute together and have too much fun waiting. :)

Crafting and coloring

Sam has been very busy crafting and coloring. He loves it. So be ready you might be recieving a piece of Sam's art this Christmas :)

Roses in December and other thoughts

Took this picture on Tuesday. Yes it's a rose in bloom and it's December. Guess it's not too cold after all.
Sam started school on Tuesday which has given me a little more time and energy. I'm spending lots of time with Sophia and still able to get things done around the house while she is able to get a proper nap in.
I've gone back to writing a grocrey list and meals list and have been sticking with it. It's a lot easier to plan for meals when you don't have a toddler screaming at you they are hungry only an hour after breakfast and you haven't had time to even figure out what to make. We've only been doing a schedule for meals for a week and already I feel better about how I'm feeding my kids.
Since Sophia gets to actually nap now for about an hour I'm getting things done --like making an appointment for the kids to finally get their flu shots, cleaning the bath tub, and blogging :)
In the evenings after Sam gets home I've been trying to do a craft time with them. It's been fun for the most part and we've got a couple of different projects going on at the moment. More about that in another blog later.
Christmas music is on all the time at home. I love Christmas and have been enjoying the musical selection that is played on the Dish Christmas channel on our tv. The kids are enjoying it too and love dancing around to it and looking at our christmas tree and pointing to the oranaments.
This year we were finally able to start our ornament tradition. The goal is for every year we will all pick out a new ornament and evenutally when the kids get older they will then be able to take their ornaments with them to use on their own trees. This year Todd picked out a music note. I got a owl. Sam picked out Spongebob Squarepants in a santa hat and Sophia picked out a pair of pink shoes. :)
Todd is working just as much as ever but yesterday he was off and we were able to spend the day doing some shopping. Don't worry we didn't break the bank or anything. We went to a couple of goodwills with Sophia and was able to get the kids some nice but gently used toys for Christmas. $20 gets you a lot of stuff if you shop like I do. :)

Sophia's fun without her brother around

Since Sam started school it's been an adjustment for us all. Sophia has adapted well though and is enjoying her new found freedom of getting to play with whatever toy she wants to play with instead of the one brother gives her to play with.
It's been fun watching her play with toys that Sam normally stays away from (and doesn't like others to play with because of the noise they make). She loves playing with the barn and also playing with her ball popper.
Most of all though she is loving this new time alone with mommy which means lots of laughing and dancing and being silly. Sophia now likes to pick up her toy cell phone and say "hello hello mommy" lol. She's also taken to carrying around her dolly and saying "ok" as she pats it's back. Most of all she's loving that she gets to go on errands with mommy that allow her to go shopping (grocrey and whatnot). I must admit I'm liking it too. I forgot how easy it was to do things when you only have one kid in hand and not two underfoot.

Sam's first day of school

Sam's backpack complete with George tag that mommy made for him so he could pick out his own bag and and wouldn't miss his George too much (since he can't take him to school with him)

Daddy is helping Sam finish getting ready for school

Sam reads his book about going to school and riding the bus that his teachers made for him and brought over to the house the day before he started classes.

He waits patiently for the bus to arrive.

Getting home from school.
On Tuesday Sam started Preschool. We were all very excited for the news that he was going to be able to go. It had been a long process of evaluations and paperwork to determine if he was eligable to go since he is younger than the normal age that the school system takes. We are blessed that he is going to the Jessamine Early Learning Village and has amazing teachers to help him develop his skills. He goes to school from Tuesday-Friday in the afternoon. He's also riding the bus and loving it.
His first day taking hime out to the bus was hard. He was excited but at the same time I think he was a little scared about riding the bus and mommy not going with him. He cried and so did I. In the end though he did great on the bus and at school and I've not gotten any phone calls or notes about how poor his behavior has been. In fact on his second day he waved goodbye to me as he got on the bus and his teacher wrote a note that he was all smiles when he got to school.
My little man is growing up. Since he started school on Tuesday his whole attitude has been different. He seems very happy and he talks non-stop about his teachers, his new friends, and the things they have been doing in school. I'm so glad to see him happy and I know it was the right decision for him to start school now. :)