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Tuesday, August 24, 2010


I've been deal hunting again. :) Anyways one of my finds was a Harry Potter puzzle at Goodwill for $0.50. Not a bad deal I thought since I love the HP series and stuff anyways. Well last night after our amazing long day I sat on our living room floor for 3 hours and put this thing together. I couldn't believe that this 300 piece puzzle was made for 8 yr olds and up. It was hard! After all my hard work of getting together I took it apart and put away for another time.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Playing Dress up

Tonight I cleaned out my closet. The kids were more than willing to help mommy do that and even spent a little time playing with my shoes. Sophia was actually walking around in some of my really tall heels too which was really impressive. Sam decided that my winter boots were more fun and had a great time running around in those. :)

Friday, August 20, 2010

Playing catch up

What have we been up to?

Sam started school on Thursday.

We moved Sophia's room upstairs and moved the spare room downstairs next to Sam's room. He kept getting Sophia up in the middle of the night to play and this was the only solution that could work so it's been an interesting couple of days with the new adjustment.

Todd is working like normal.

I've been doing the P90X workout program, joined a book club, and signed up to run my first 5K in October.

I'm sure there is more but it's honestly to hard to try and sum up everything we've done in the last month...check out some of the other blog entries from tonight to see a glimpse at a few things.

Sam goes to school

Sam's first day back at pre-school was on Thursday. He was thrilled to go back to school and couldn't wait to go. In fact every night since he saw his teachers on Monday he has asked about going to school every 2 hours. He's even gotten up in the middle of the night several times claiming that we have to get ready for school. lol. The boy loves his teachers and learning.

Red Robin

Took the kiddos to Red Robin to enjoy their freebie meals they earned from the summer reading program at the public library over the summer. As you can see they loved their meals.

It is possible...

The kids can get along. Check out the photo. It is possible for them to interact without screaming, fighting, or pushing. I long for more days like this. :)