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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Twilight Series Obsession

****Spoiler alerts. If you haven't read the books and plan to don't read this*****

I was a little late in the game when I learned about the Twilight Series by Stephenie Meyer. Hey I was busy starting a family so it's not like I've been up with a lot of things since I was pregnant with Sam. Anyways I will admit that I love this series. I was obsessed with reading it. From the moment I started reading the first book I wanted to read more to find out what happens to the main characters. I guess having two sick kids did help since they slept more than usual and only wanted to watch tv that gave me the opportunity to start reading again.

What made these such an interesting read for me was how well the characters were developed and the relationships that form. I loved reading the main characters of Edward Cullen and Bella Swan and their banter. The truthfulness of their pain and their love for one another and how neither of them could see how completely the other one loved them. The stuff that real relationships are like (except we don't fall in love with vampires when we are human lol). I loved reading the way the newness of any new relationship keeps you wanting more and that need to be together all the time. But alas they do run into trouble which makes Edward decide that he loves Bella more than he should and that he's putting her in danger.

The second book (New Moon) again I loved the relationships of how Bella Swan and her friendship with Jacob Black her best friend (who wishes there were more) comes together and the love and bond that they share for each other. My only gripe about the second book is that when Edward leaves her to try and keep her safe that she completely falls apart and becomes a huge mess. Okay I understand heart break and pain because I've had my fair share of that, but come on already stop wining and move on. I just hope that the younger crowd that reads this book don't think that unless you have your man that you aren't a complete person. (This series is designed with a young adult audience in mind in cause you didn't know). Bella does find herself sorta when she learns to depend on her best friend. When Edward does come back it becomes clear that Bella has fallen in love with Jacob too in a different way (oh and he's a warewolf too to make things even more complicated). In the end the love that Bella and Edward share is too strong and they get back together after she saves him from his own death. Yeah it's a little complicated.

The third book (Eclipise) has more drama, but this time around provides us with some history of Edward Cullen's family. I personally enjoyed learning more about them and seeing how they all fit together as a family. Bella and Edward decide that their love is strong and decide that they will remain together. He a vampire and she mortal. Bella doesn't like that and decides that a whatever cost she will be with Edward forever. Edward promises that he will turn her into a vampire after they get married and graduate from high school. I was finally glad to see Bella start to wonder and worry about her family after her change. I was also glad to see that their physical relationship remained pretty pure (they had only kissed briefly) and that despite their physical desires that they are able to abstain from sex until marriage. Before getting married though another big drama occurs which pushes Bella and Edward even closer together.

Book 4 (Breaking Dawn) is the longest book of them all and it is so for a reason. Bella and Edward are married and are off on their honeymoon (he still being a vampire and her still just a normal girl) they consummate their marriage and she becomes pregnant. Yeah it's all a bit strange, but because he is vampire and she is human the baby grows at a rapid rate and winds up killing Bella. No worries though because as she dies Edward is able to come in and save her and give her a new life by changing her into a vampire. Bella and Edward are finally able to be together. Before he didn't want to kill her to make her a vampire because he loved her so much, but she wanted to be a vampire because she loved him so much. In the end they are together with their daughter who is unlike so many because she is half human and half vampire. There is a battle and of course Edward and Bella win and are able to be together as family. I loved how this book progresses and you are able to see the love and pain that is there in everything that happens but more than that you get to see that though Bella was human before and Edward a vampire how they were destined to be together.

As I said in the beginning I was obsessed with these characters and despite how young and different they were I wanted them to be together. It reminded me of the early years of dating and being married to my husband and how much I enjoyed those electric moments of difference and yet at the same time belonging together. I know that probably sounds silly but I liked the reminder that love though complicated and painful is worth the fight no matter. I guess I'm just a romantic at heart. :)

Since I read these books at rapid pace, I think I may have to go back and read them again as I'm sure there were things that I missed that I would now clearly see. I think I'll give my self some time though before starting them again. In the meantime I look forward to the release of the Twilight Movie coming out November 21st. I don't think I'll be there opening night with all the teen girls squealing over Edward Cullen, but maybe I'll go later on with some friends to see it. Hopefully the screen adaptation will be just as good as the books.

Here are the links to check out the trailers for the movie: (I can't figure out how to post them on here myself otherwise I would)

family update

To let everyone know we are all alive and doing well. I can't believe how long it's been since I've been able to really post. I'm sure now that I have the laptop again you all will be seeing all kinds of new posts from me.'s what's going on.

Todd is still working tons, but thankfully he has Sunday's off to be with us. I love and adore him so much and am beyond thankful for all his hard work. I'm sure he'll be embarrassed that I'm saying that, but it's true. He is a wonderful father, husband, and man. I'm just sad that I don't tell him that enough.

Sam is still learning new words as quickly as the last time I posted. It still blows me away to hear a complete sentence come out of his mouth or to hear him say a word that I didn't even think he knew. I guess I'll have to start watching what I say so he doesn't start things I would rather he didn't. (Not that I say bad words or anything, but you never know what sarcastic thing that I say that he would decide to be his new favorite word or phrase for the day). He has been sick though I think honestly it was just a cold. The think the changing of the weather has made everyone feel a little off. Sam is all boy and definitely a 2 year old. The temper tantrums he throws are ridiculous and at times I'm at a loss for what to do except to put him in his room by himself and shut the door until he calms down. I will be grateful when this phase ends. Don't get me wrong he's a wonderful kid, but when he throws a fit it's like living with a monster.

Sophia is as beautiful as ever. She continues to grow and show her cute little personality. She loves to giggle when her brother is being punished for his bad behavior (yeah I know it's gonna be fun when they get older :) ) She loves to giggle and laugh at the tv too. Her favorite thing to laugh at is Walker Texas Ranger. lol. She hasn't done too much rolling over or sitting up on her own, but she is starting to really enjoy her exersaucer and toys that all her to move. I adore this girl and am always thankful for the few precious moments we get to spend together once Sam goes to bed for the night.

I'm doing good. Keeping busy as always and trying to find time for myself. I have been able to hang out with a friend every other week or so for a couple of hours and that has been really nice. Quality girl time. :) I've also made a new friend on my street. She is a wonderful person and I'm enjoying getting to know her and her family. I'm super busy with Pampered Chef which is awesome since I really love being out and meeting new people. I've also started reading again which is fun since I haven't really wanted to read for awhile...can you blame me I've been tired with raising two kids full time. I'll have more about that in another post later (the reading thing not the tired thing. lol).

hmmm....I think that about catches us up for now. Oh and pictures will come later. I've got to figure out where my camera is before I'll be able to post pictures. :)

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

And I'm back

Okay so it's been awhile. Not having the laptop for a bit made it difficult to keep up with the blog since all my pictures get downloaded to the laptop. We got a new power cord and it seems to be working better though I think there is still a problem with the computer. Anyways I'll get pictures uploaded tomorrow hopefully and you guys will be able to see what we have been up to.

So much to get caught up on...

For now I'll just let you know that in the next couple of days I will be posting on the following:

1. pictures
2. updates on each person
3. current obsessions (I just finished reading the Twilight Series so that's one of the thing to be looking for)

and probably a few other things. I'm so tired right now that I can't hardly think straight. Anyways more to come so my few loyal readers be on the look out for some new blog entries soon. :)

(oh and I'm so disappointed that nobody pointed out that my last entry title...seriously I did that on purpose to see if anyone would say something and no one did. :) I guess you all were to busy reading the blog to notice the title right? lol. )