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Friday, January 29, 2010

On a mission

I'm on a mission. Yep you heard right. I'm on a mission for change.

I was getting very frustrated with things in general and then it struck me that if I wasn't happy that I needed to change instead of waiting for change to happen.

What does that mean? It means a few different things. I've started a process of purging things that we don't need or use on a regular basis. We don't have to hold on to baby gear, clothes that don't fit, or housewares that we don't use and will never use.

It's been a process and I've been documenting some of that on a more private blog. It's been a learning process and it's been good to discover some things about myself.

I've also decided to work on eating and exercising habits. I figured part of the reason I wasn't happy was that I wasn't feeling good about myself. I wasn't feeling good because I wasn't taking time for myself. I'm now back on Weight Watchers and working out on a regular basis. I was so serious about working out and taking better care of myself that Todd and I went and purchased an elliptical machine so I can work out at home without having to leave the kids. Before even buying the elliptical machine I had already trimmed off 6lbs.

I haven't been to church in a long time. I miss it. I wasn't really feeling the place I had been going before even though it was a nice place I just didn't feel like I fit in there or that the kids were really getting anything out of it. I was praying about it and asking for a sign and then I just decided to ask people where they are going. I got tons of recommendations and though we've had two foiled attempts at getting to church we are determined to find a church home. Pray for us now that we make it to the church we want to try out this Sunday.

Part of this change process is also spending more time reading and being creative and spending less time being involved online or watching tv. I feel like I'm making a good strides towards postive changes and feel good knowing I'm doing things to make our lives better.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Kids and the stuff they say

Today I watched my friend Colleen's little guy. Sam and Nate are about the same age and have played together on occassion. Anyways today Sam had to go to school a few hours after Nate got here. Sam was pretty upset that he had to leave his friend here to play and that he couldn't stay. After a couple of hours though Sam came home and Nate exclaimed, "you came back to see me I thought you were going to stay at school." Sam looked at him and smiled and said, "yep". Nate smiles and then says 'Let's be friends, ok?' to which Sam says, "ok". Nate then looks at him very serioulsy and says, "Let's be best friends ok?". Sam looks at me and then over to Nate and replies, "Nope, mommy is my best friend". Nate looks disapointed but then says, "oh ok just friends then."

This evening as Sam and I watched cartoons Sam is picking sock lint off his toes. I look over to see what he's doing and he takes a piece of sock lint that was between his toes and acts like he's putting it in his mouth. He says to me 'mommy it's good you want some?' and cracks up laughing. Of course I say no and he laughs even harder and then says, "thats gross mommy I kidding." Silly kid!

ah the fun you have when you have small kids around. :)

Thursday, January 21, 2010

3 out of 4

Sam making a monkey face instead of smiling :)

Sophia started crying right after I took the picture. She isn't happy with me since I was gone most of the day and she had to stay home with Daddy.

Self portrait and some kitchen junk. lol. I got a new hair cut today and some new highlights put in but you can't really tell from this photo.

For a different blog that I work on I take pictures daily (not well mind you) so tonight I decided to try and get pictures of each of us in the family. Since Todd is at work I'll have to get one of him later to post.

Sam's school project

For Sam's class project this week (or maybe it was last week I get so confused sometimes) they made gingerbread houses using milk cartons, icing, and candy. Not a bad little idea actually. When Sam got home from school he happily showed me his lovely project and wanted me to take a picture of each side of it for everyone to see. Oh and in case you are wondering the school sent it home in a plastic baggy. :)

Friday, January 8, 2010

Baby it's cold outside

Sam had a short week at school. We started getting snow on Thursday afternoon and because of that he didn't have school on Thursday and Friday. Not sure what the official snow count is but it's cold out and it doesn't appear that the snow has any plans of leaving us anytime soon. Here are a couple of shots that I've gotten from just inside the doorway of all the winter fun. I haven't been able to go out and take any good photos as the kids have zero interest in being in the snow or being outside in the cold.


Here are just a few snapshots of all the fun that we had. Christmas was a lot of fun as the kids were very excited about seeing gifts under the tree and having all kinds of new stuff to play with. We actually had our family Christmas on Christmas Eve morning since Todd was going to be off and was going to be home for Eve day and Christmas Day itself. We wanted to maxize the time he got to be a part of things. It worked out really well since that evening we went to Todd's parents house and then on Christmas Day we went over to celebrate with my side of the family. Sadly I didn't think to get any pictures as I was busy in the kitchen helping to get food ready. Overall a great holiday and we had a lot of fun being together as a family.

Christmas Eve with the Montgomery side of the family

Playing with the train set that Sam got from his Great Grandma Irene
Grandpa Mike removing the batteries from the doll that Sophia got from Grandma Irene.

Great Grandma/Grandpa Zimmerman

Todd with his Mom Faye

Great Grandpa Zimmerman playing ball with Sam

Visting Grandma

We decided to take a little visit over to see Grandma and Grandpa Montgomery before the holidays. The kids love playing on the piano over there and always enjoy hearing Grandma play.

Pretty much the happiest kid ever

Casey's Christmas visit

Right before Christmas we got the chance to visit with Casey. It's always a treat to see him and the kids love having him around. He's the best play buddy ever. He played cars, did flashcards, and even jammed with Sam and Sophia. Look out world there is going to be a new band starting soon. :)