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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Picture time

Trying to get a picture of the two of them together proved to be pretty difficult. lol

Sam is pretending to sleep so Sophia can't get back on the couch.

Finally a picture with the two of them together.

Me with little miss sassy pants Sophia.

What a lovely face he is making huh?

Hey Sophia :)

Sam reading his favorite book.

She's a drooling mess.

What a ham.

The kids work together to build a house.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

silly things kids say

While playing with the kids today on the floor Sam noticed my butterfly tattoo on my lower back. He said, "momma that pretty". I said thank you and continued to play with Sophia. After a couple of minutes Sam came over to Sophia picked up the back of her shirt and looked at her back. After a couple of seconds he looked at me and said, "Momma where hers at?" lol. I guess he thinks because I have something there that everyone is suppose to have one. Poor kid he was so confused.

Happy Birthday Sam Bradley

Sam Bradley's birthday is today. He turns 23! As he celebrates we also get to celebrate since he just released a new 6 song EP. Some new songs and some old songs redone. If you are interested in purchasing it and you should since it'll give you an idea of what is still to come from him you can buy it on in the store section. The website just launched at midnight so if you encounter any problems be patient with it as I'm sure we are overwhelming their server.

Also with the release of his new EP and the webiste he's also revamped his myspace page and given us this new music video. The song is beautiful and the video is lovely. This is Sam's first music video and was done on a very small budget even with that in mind I think he did a great job.

As always if you'd like more information about Sam Bradley (or any of the other artists that I've talked about -- Bobby Long, Marcus Foster, The Kin, Andy Mac, or Mark Hole) you can check out for more details or if you want to help promote the guys.

A little bit of everything.

Bobby Long and I in Atlanta after his show.

It's been a little bit since I've blogged. I've been busy and I've been tired. Lots of stuff going on to keep me busy.

Last week I went to Nashville and then Atlanta to see Bobby Long perform and hang out with some of my Land of Dreamer crew. It was a really great time seeing Bobby and my girls. The drive home was a nightmare and a total adventure but it was worth it.

Before going to see Bobby though I had been sick. I was sick off and on for about two weeks and finally went to the doctor to find out what was going on. Turns out I had a viral infection amongst some other things that were making me ill. Got some meds and thought things would be ok but sadly I was wrong. The meds (which I found out I am allergic to) made me feel worse and it was not a fun couple of weeks.

The kids are doing great and keeping me busy. We are still working on potty training with Sam. We have breakthroughs where I think we are going to be good and finally be done with diapers and stuff but then he rebels and we are back to starting again. Sam is one strong willed little man and makes it very difficult to get anything done if he doesn't want to do it. On Monday we go for the preschool evaluation to see if he qualifies. If he does I'm sure that will add even more interest to our day.

Sophia is doing great we are dealing with the very last of her teeth coming in and have been working on walking. Today she decided to take off and walk all around the house with the help of her walking push toy. Its so much fun to see her learn new skills and master them. She's a quick learner and it takes her no time to figure something out. This girl is gonna be trouble I'm sure of it. lol ;)

Todd has been working a ton keeping busy with Saul Good. He stayed home with the kids when I went to Nashville and Atlanta and did a great job with everything. I know it was a good time for him and the kids and was good for them all to spend a little time together without mommy.

Since I've been back from my adventures last week we have been pretty low key. Playing at home, watching movies, and spending time together. Todd has even had some half days off so he has been home for some of fun.

Monday, August 3, 2009

No more blues

The office is done. After buying a cheap paint roller I was able to finish it up. Loving the new color and the room feels warmer and brighter. I also rearranged the furnishings and put up some white shelves and put some bins in to hold magazines, craft paper, files, etc. By doing this I've opened up the desk so I can use the desk for actual crafting by simply moving the laptop and putting it in one of the storage bins. I was also able to set up a few little inspiration areas. I've got my Twilight stuff including one wall with my posters, my Land of Dreamers stuff, and then some other fun stuff. Anyways very happy with how it turned out and am glad I decided not to wait any longer on painting that space.
Next project up is cleaning out my closet. lol. Don't worry I probably wont post pictuers of that.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

a serious case of the blues

Don't worry I'm not depressed but my little home office sure was. The room though tiny works well for a home office. I think I was told that the little room use to be a closet of some sorts. The room had a very strange blue color painted on the top portion of the wall. The pictures make it look kinda pretty. However, in person it was not that pretty and was a weird robins egg blue kind of color. The lower level under the chair rail is some kind of fake wood grain something. I'm ok with the fake wood (for now) but the blue color was driving me crazy.

Today I had enough. I found half a can of a yellow/orange color that was used in the downstairs bathroom and decided I was going to use that to replace the blue color. I just started this project today and it already looks a lot better and is much brighter. It also helps that I removed one of the oddly placed wire shelves to open up the wall. Tomorrow I'll put on another coat of paint and then hopefully I'll be able to start putting the room back together. I still need to find another shelf or something as I don't have enough storage or desk space to work on. I often wind up taking my crafts to the living room coffee table upstairs so I still need to figure that out. What do you think so far? Oh and I realize that there is some blue showing under the new color. I didn't have a roller brush so I used a basic paint brush. After I get a roller tomorrow it'll look a lot better.