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Friday, August 29, 2008

A blog without words

It's been an interesting time lately.

Our laptop is having major issues with the power cord and battery so I wont have any pictures this time as I'm using a desktop that we borrowed from our wonderful neighbors Jen and Byron. It allows us to stay online and for me to keep working my Pampered Chef business and that's all that really matters. I have taken tons of pictures though and I'll get some up when I can.

In the meantime here's everyones updates:

Sophia turns 3 months on Monday. I can't believe it! She is growing and changing so much daily that I'm amazed by her daily. She discovered her thumb. She is now a thumb sucker and is able to calm herself when she's upset. It's great. She's going a little bit longer between stretches of eating during the day. She was eating every 2 hours without fail and in the last few days have gone to 3 or even 4 hours between meals. She is sleeping wonderfully through the night. All in all everything is wonderful and I feel so blessed to have this girl.

Sam is a hoot. His vocabulary continues to expand daily. I guess watching Brookelynn has helped with that. He is also running and loving playing more outside now that he has a buddy to play with. He's also such a ham. For example today he kept saying "I fall" and throwing himself to the floor laughing hysterically. He's also become very affectionate to me lately always giving me kisses and asking for hugs. I love his goofy little personality and all the laughter he brings me. :)

Todd is working tons. He started back at the airport restaurant to help bring in a little extra money while we work on paying off the hospital bills from having Sophia. He's a bitty achy and has bad muscle spams from being on his feet so much. Pray for him as this is frustrating and painful for him.

I'm doing good. Keeping busy with the kids and trying to juggle household chores and my sanity. lol. I've made a point of trying to go out with a friend every two weeks to make me get out and relax. I've also been trying to include the neighbor kids in our morning play time to get a little more social interaction for myself and for the other parents who are at home during the day like me. It's been a lot of fun getting to know them. I've also got a very busy month coming up with Pampered Chef which I am really excited about. I love doing Pampered Chef and love getting a chance to cook with new friends. :)

Anyways that's about it. Life is busy as always and I promise I'll try to get pictures up soon.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008's been busy

First off I must let everyone know that I'm feeling tons better than I did a week or so ago. Fever did break and the heavy duty antiobotics that I was on helped take care of my pesky tonsils. Lets all hope that I don't have to go through that again.

With that said though we have been super busy around my house with Brookelynn over Monday-Friday. I thought I was busy with two kids, but now I'm really busy. Anyways here are some pictures to get you caught up on what we have been up to since my last post.

Oh and forgive me for having a really long post as we are having computer problems and I want to make sure I get all my pictures posted before the computer decides not to work again.

Puzzle time:

Pretend playing the gamecube:

Swimming/playing in the pool: (Thanks Mark and Amy for letting us borrow your pool)

Fun with play dough:

Hanging out:
Coloring (there are so many I had to find a creative way to show them all):

More hanging out:

Todd (and Mark) hung some bookshelves so we could finally get our books out of the plastic tub they were sitting in:

Sam being Sam. I think he was upset that Brookelynn had gone home for the day.

Watching Blue's Clues because it was too hot to go outside and play anymore:

Alright...well that brings us to the end of today. Whew...I told you we were busy. I'm feeling pretty good about things though as I've got the dishes washed and put away, laundry is almost done, the house is fairly clean, Sam has had a bath and is in bed and Sophia is about to get her bath and eat. Oh and I might enjoy some strawberries and ice cream in a little bit. :)

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Because with a face like this everyone needs to see it

My amazing and beautiful 10 week old Sophia.

Introducing our newest friend

Brookelynn is the newest person to enter our lives. She is the precious little girl that I just started watching. Though we've only hung out a couple of days so far we have had a lot of fun. She and Sam get along great which is nice since he has a friend to play with. :) Here are some pictures of some of the fun we've been having during the day.

These are from the first day she hung out with us:

These next ones are from today:

(This cutie little guy is one of my neighbors kiddos--This is Logan)