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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Look at those faces

Yes yes I know my kids are adorable. Adorable and crazy. The two traits must come together I really do believe that. lol. Took these pics of the kids after pool time and as I laid them down for naps. They look so happy huh? lol. Oh and yes I consider George one of the kids. As often as I have to hunt him down, bathe him, and give him kisses and tuck him in he is without a doubt one of my kids. :)

Pool Fun

Today started out kinda strange. The power was out and so our whole morning was thrown off.
To try and make things better I packed up the kids and headed out to Toys-r-us. Todd had to work and we weren't going to make it to church so I decided that we would go and hang out where there was some cool air to help keep the kids happy. Anyways we went shopping. I had a coupon for the store that expires in a few days and wanted to find something that the kids could use and enjoy outside. We dont have a lot of outside toys. The pools were on sale so I decided to buy one of those ones that stands up once the water is in it (eesh they are difficult to get standing up thats for sure) it was on sale and with my coupon it wound up being pretty cheap. After a few other little stops and getting lunch at Saul Good we headed home and I filled up the pool for the kids to play in it. The water was a little cool but it helped the kids relax a little and they seemed to be in a better mood until I told them it was time to go in. lol. Got a few pictures of them having some fun and am trying to figure out a better way to set up the silly little pool tomorrow so it doesn't look like its falling down.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Visting with Casey and Ryan

Todd and Casey with the kids

Ryan playing with his Iphone I think he was tweeting about the yummy peach pizza

Todd and Sophia waiting for food

Sam and Casey
Every couple of months Casey comes into town and we get a short time to hang out with him. We were lucky enough to see him this afternoon while Todd was off of work. Casey is a long time friend of Todd's and also the kids godfather. Sam loves Casey and they have so much fun together and Casey loves the kids like they were his own. Today Casey and Ryan (another long time family friend who we don't get to see very often either) came over for lunch and hung out with us. After lunch we all went out to Saul Good for some yummy peach pizza and chocolate fondue. Everyone had a great time and enjoyed the yummy treats. Sadly our visit was cut short since Todd had to get to work and the guys had other places they needed to be.

Mall play area fun

Thursday we had to run to the mall to get a few things taken care of. Since we went so early we decided that we would let the kids play in the play area in the center of the mall. It's so fmuch fun watching the kids playing and having a good time. My only complaint is that there were some very rowdy bigger kids in their that shouldn't have been. The sign clearly says no kids taller thatn 42 inches and yet there were kids you were easily well over that and who were being very rude to the smaller kids. The sad part was that the parents did nothing to stop the kids and on more than one occassion I had to calm Sam and Sophia down because one of the big kids plowed into them and didn't appologize. Needless to say there were a few parents who were getting some looks from me. I understand it's summer and you need something for your kids to do but really lets be considerate of the smaller kids and follow the rules. Anyways despite the rude kids Sam and Sophia had a decent time and it made our errands a little easier and we were able to get some fun pictures of the kids.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Creation Museum

First off make sure you check my facebook for all the pictures. I have way too many pictures to post in this blog so if you want to see more and you will go look for my photos over on facebook. :)

After a rough start (we were up at 6 to be at the church by 8 and the kids were not happy about that) we made it to the church and left for our little adventure. Todd had to work so it was just me and the kids and the church crew (who includes my mom, dad, and brother so I had help with the kids thankfully). After getting to the museum and having a little bit of a hard time getting going (the stroller rentals were no where near the place that you have to enter so that was frustrating and then one lady told me to stand in one place for the group picture and then the other guy yelled at me to move which really upset me so I just stayed out of the group pic with Sophia) after all that and finally getting going and getting over a few tantrums by Sam we headed out to look around.

Honestly I can't tell you much about the concept of the place or what most of the signs or videos were about. I didn't have time to read or to spend much time in any one area. Took lots of pictures though so I could enjoy the trip later. lol. After we had some lunch (I had packed lunches for the kids and myself but Sam was so hungry that he ate my food and his so I had to buy food there) The line for food was crazy long and took forever, but after getting some food everyone was in a better mood. We stayed outside and went to the petting zoo, walked across a crazy bridge, and checked out the flowers and other other cool stuff outside. Before we knew it was almost time to go. We went back inside to check out one last exhibit which was the dinosaurs and then headed home.

The kids and myself are exhausted but I think it was a great trip all in all and I'm thankful for my family and the help they were able to give me with the tantrums and stuff. I'm sure their backs are sore from carrying around Sam at times. I think the trip was well worth it and it's nice that we were able to do something that we dont do on a regular basis. However, I think from here on out the only trips we will take will be to childrens mueseums and to zoos were things are a litte more interactive for the younger folks.

It's my party....

My birthday card from my hubby. If it's hard for you to see its a baby's bum that has sat in the birthday cake.

Sophia with Todd's mom. Sophia really enjoyed having a party and getting to eat so much yummy food.

My birthday cake. Since I told everyone I was 29 even though I was turning 28 everyone thought it would be funny for the cake to read like it does above. I have to admit it was pretty silly of me to forget my own age.

My brother Sean bought me the Twilight game. :) I also got the Twilight Directors Notebook (I already have it so I'll have to trade it in for something else) and several other books from family and friends.

My birthday gift from Todd. I really wanted a new rug for the living room. We even went to look at them recently and picked this one out together, but decided we should wait and get it later (my choice not his) and he suprised me by picking it up for my birthday. I love it. The colors match perfectly with our house and it makes my living room feel complete.
I had an amazing birthday with all the wonderful text msgs, tweets, emails, and comments on facebook and myspace I sure felt loved. I got to sleep in later (thanks to my wonderful hubby) and did very little in the way of prep work for our cookout. It was a busy but wonderful day. It was great to cookout and visit with family and friends who I've not seen a lot of lately and one who I hadn't seen in 3 years! My sis Siobhan made me some homemade cookies and cream ice cream which is my favorite and I got some awesome gifts. Marissa (the one who just did our pictures) gave me our family portrait and several photos from the shoot. They are amazing of course and I can't wait to frame them and the other pictures we will get later. :) Colleen bought me Wuthering Heights which is a book I talked about wanting to read over a year ago. (and she remembered!) Honestly I was truly blessed and had so much fun. I don't think I could have asked for a better day. Thank you everyone for making my birthday so great!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


This morning Todd and I packed up the kids and went to Waveland where we had a great time hanging out and playing (and getting our pictures taken). The above photos are just a teaser sample of the pictures we took. I'm sure the rest are just as great we just have to wait to see them. I highly recommend that if you live in the KY area and need pictures (for any event) that you check out Marissa Noe Photography you will not be sorry I promise.
You can find out more about Marissa Noe Photography here:

Sunday, July 12, 2009

We have patio furniture!

Woohoo we have patio furniture! (The above pic is from the seller) I'm very excited about this. I've been trying to find something for our deck but was not excited about the prices that I was seeing on simple outdoor furniture. I happened to check craigslist and saw the listing for the table and chairs and thought that surely it was already sold (most things I wind up liking sell before I've even seen the post) but as luck would have it it had not sold yet. I asked my sister to go and pick it up and for $60 we have a gently used table and chairs sitting on our deck now. I can't wait to go out and enjoy it later!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

This time with curls

Ok so here's the curly vs of my new haircut. Forgive the pic it's 10 at night and I'm tired. I've got the sides pinned down just a little to help keep the curls in control but other than that I actually really like it curly which is good since this is probably how I'll wear it most of the time anyways since I'm too lazy to flat iron it every day. What do you think?

Thursday, July 9, 2009

What I learned at the hair dressers

As I was the hair dressers this morning I realized a few things:

Every magazine I looked at had some picture, or article, or picture of a Twilight star in it.

80's clothes are making a come back (acid washed jeans, vests, doc martins,)--as I read Seventeen magazine I felt like I was reading it like I did when I was a kid. I didn't like the clothes then and I still dont like them.

Teen magazines are teen girl looks like the models in those magazines and no teen dresses like that in school.

There are 2 drag bars in Lexington....yeah who knew. Talking to one of the hair dressers I learned that there is actually a large amount of people who do this regularly. I didn't even know that we had Drag bars in lexington.

my hair guy and I have the same birthday...what are the odds?

That everyone ease drops so it's best to talk about things that everyone can benefit from hearing about---Land of Dreamers anyone? :)

Being patient and waiting calmly can score you a free haircut and a discount on your other services for the day.

That a lot of people come in asking for a change, but chicken out and only trim their hair instead of trusting their hair guy/gal and going with their recommendations (I however let me guy do what he wants because I trust him and always feel great after leaving)

While listening to the normal radio you will hear the same 10 songs in a 3 hour time span...I swear I heard Lady Gaga like 800 times also if you ask if the would be willing to change the music or listen to something you brough there is a good chance they will say yes.

I'm sure there is more but thats all I've got at the moment....a picture may come later of my haircut..if I remember to take it that is.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The Dame 6/30

Sam Bradley and The Men

KY Dreamers with Sam Bradley
From L to R: Cynthia, me, Sam Bradley, Teresa, and Jeri

Todd and I with Sam after his show

The KY Dreamers waiting for the show to start
From L to R: Jeri, Teresa, me, and Cynthia
On June 30th Todd and I headed to The Dame in Lexington to meet up with my KY Dreamers and to see Sam Bradley and The Men. While it was a small crowd it was a great show and we were able to talk to him and the guys aftewards. Best part of the night though was getting to meet and hang out with my girls and getting a chance to joke around with Sam after the show.


Sorry these are out of order...for some reason Blogger wont let me move or rearrange my pictures. Anyways here's just a glimpse of my trip to Nashville.

Picture taken from my cell phone of Sam Bradley and Jeff of The Men
Just a glimpse of our lovely hotel room

Me with Sam Bradley

Nashville skyline from our hotel room

My roomie and driving buddy Celeste the Land of Dreamers State leader from IN.

On 7/3 I was able to drive down to Nashville to see Sam Bradley and the Men. I drove to Elizabethtown and met up with another Land of Dreamer State leader and we drove the rest of the way down together. We had a great time hanging out and enjoyed our beautiful hotel room (with two tvs?!). The Show was great and Sam and The Men were amazing. Probably the best performance I've seen so far from him. Maybe it was having the band with him or the fact that the audience was so excited to see him. Whatever it was the night was great and I really enjoyed myself and was thankful that I was able to go. Kudos Mr. Sam Bradley for an amazing performance!

Sunday, July 5, 2009


Sorry it took so long to post pictures of the kids. I honestly forgot in all the commotion that I hadn't done it yet. So here are a few pictures from the last few weeks.