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Wednesday, June 30, 2010


As many of my loyal readers know I'm a big Twilight Saga fan. It's not so much about the vampire/wolf thing it's more about love, family, and figuring out who you are that really captures me in these stories.

The latest movie Eclipse just came out. Midnight last night to be exact. Though this year I didn't travel to be with my friends who are big fans like myself. This year I decided to stay home and try and catch the movie at midnight with Todd. I lucked out since my sister in law is also a fan and wanted to go so we met up with them. Anyways here are my thoughts on the night:

First I was disappointed with the lack of organization at the theater. Granted we couldn't get there to line up till 10pm but it was just one huge mass blob line that ran around the theater. Not cool since there like 15 screens showing the movie in intervals and it just didn't make sense to have everyone in one line. After the last movie ended though it was basically a free for all as people found their way to the appropriate screens. We got decent seats but it was kinda crazy.

Secondly there were lots of New Moon shirts on people. We were in line for Eclipse. Guess everyone got their New Moon shirts on sale at Toy's - R - Us at it's grand re opening or at Hot Topic. I saw only a handful of Eclipse shirts and I was the only that I saw with my shirt design on. Lots of people without movie shirts on at all. If you are gonna wait for a midnight movie at least have a little fun with it and wear a shirt or something. No shame showing just how geeky you are if you are already there for the midnight showing.

Thirdly--Fan girl squeals when Jacob is seen without his shirt, when Bella and Edward kiss, or when Jacob and Bella kiss is not necessary. Really we know it's going to happen and it's just distracting listening to someone giggle hysterically because the couple on screen is kissing.

Fourthly--The movie itself was great. I just did a re read the book the other day and I thought the movie did an excellent job of capturing all the big moments in the book without dwelling on anything too long. I heard a few complaints about the bed room kissing scene not being long enough but I felt it was fine and in some ways kinda weird to watch on screen. Kinda like I was intruding on some one's personal moment. The chemistry between all the actors has gotten better and everyone seemed to settle into their roles a little more and it really did feel like you could have been watching real people up there and not just characters in a movie. My personal favorites though were Billy Burke as Charlie Swan. He had some really great moments and it was great to see more of him in the film. It was also nice to see Gil Birmingham as Billy Black more too. I wish they had spent a little more time on the Indians history. The movie moves quickly and when the 2hours is up you feel like there is no way that it has already been 2 hours.

Overall I had a great time and experience. Glad I made it to a midnight showing and can't wait to see it again (which I will when I have time). I can honestly say that I'm glad I stayed away from leaked or released clips that were online and in interviews since I was able to be really surprised when I did sit down to watch it in full. I really enjoyed the movie and would recommend it to any Twilight Saga fan.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Hanging with the troopers

Jo Beth had it's Star Wars day event so Todd and I took the kids to go check it out and have a little fun. Here is just a few of the pictures from that event. Go check out my facebook photos for the rest.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

One of the many things we've done...

Last Saturday we took the kids to Jo Beth bookstore and let the kids feed the ducks in the pond behind the building. They had a great time and Sam got a big hoot out of the baby ducks swimming after everything that he threw into the water. We had to actually stop him from throwing in stuff since he would just grab anything and throw it in there just to see them all swim and quack over stuff.
Besides the bookstore we also took the kids to the humane society event that was in front of the store and checked out the adorable animals that were all there for adoption. We would love to get a dog eventually but for now we were just happy to play with all the wonderful animals. Sophia actually gave this huge 80lb dog the biggest hug and the dog just gave her a kiss. If we had the money that dog probably would have come home with us that day. lol. Sophia was in love.
We also managed to head over to Whole Foods and Good Foods for some shopping and some lunch. We are loving the healthy food options of things in these stores and the kids love going shopping so it was a win win for us all. Though we don't get much on these trips the kids are enjoying the change of pace and getting to do things that we don't do on a regular basis.
In fact this weekend we plan on taking the kids to the free event at Babies r us/Toys r us grand re opening tomorrow to see character appearances, story time, and to get some free prizes and then we plan on taking them out to lunch with the freebies they earned from the public library and then on Saturday afternoon we are heading out to Jo Beth again for the Star Wars event (face painting, characters, etc). We are taking advantage of the freebie events in the area and are having a good time despite the hot and humid weather.
What events, activities are you all up to?

Friday, June 11, 2010

Summer is almost here and what the heck is wrong with my kids?

Sam has been out of school now I think 2 weeks. Summer will officially start on the 21st of this month and it feels like it. It's been very hot and humid around here and I can say that I am not loving it.

Honestly though the point of this post is to let off a lit bit of steam. My kids seem to have become little monsters over night and I'm not sure how to deal with it. Sophia has become a very good actress and can turn on the waterworks in .001 seconds. Not even kidding. It's crazy how good she is at it. Sam on the other hand has decided that he doesn't want to use the potty but instead pee in his underwear everytime and then change his clothes put his wet ones back in the drawer and act like he didn't do anything. Grrrrrrrrr....yeah frustrating. Not sure what to make of this behavior. Sophia I think just doesn't feel good but Sam is acting out I think. I think he's mad he can't go to school for the summer and is taking it out on me. *sigh* whatever it is I'm ready for it to stop already.

Since there isn't school we have decided to take full advantage of all the great free things around here. Library story time on Mondays, Library free programs on Tuesdays, Friday's he goes to the barn with his Nana Peg, and Saturday's we go to the Farmers market. He's got games, toys, and new movies to watch even so it's not for a lack of activities that are avilable for us. We've even taken them to play in the mall play area just for something different. Ah the joys of summer. Looks to be a long season for us especially since the kids are refusing to get along at all. I'm trying my best to be patient, hold out till nap time so I can get some exercise in to let off some steam but it's proving to be difficult. Nap time isn't happening since my children have now decided they don't need to sleep ever. Up late, up early, and no naps. :( Maybe it's just the adjustment period of the seasons changing or whatever but I really hope this little sleep hiatus ends soon.

Anyone else having a difficult time with their kids right now? Any tips on how to handle the lack of sleep or the potty issues that have come up?

Monday, June 7, 2010

Kid's birthday Party

Yesterday we had the kids joint birthday party. With Sophia's being on the 2nd of June and Sam's brithday being on the 14th we decided to party on the 6th. For now it's fun to have the party together and we are taking advantage of that since I'm sure that wont last forever. lol.
Anyways we had a great time. The kids got some reallyg great gifts, ate some yummy food, and really enjoyed having all of the Keeley and Montgomery family together in the same place. The kids really loved their Dora and Diego cake that my sister made for them and loved their custom Dora/Diego shirts that I had made for them. The big question of the night was "where is boots?". lol.
I can't believe that Sophia is now 2 and Sam will be 4. It seems just like yesterday that they were babies.
If you want to see more pictures of the fun check out my facebook pictures.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Sam's last day of preschool for the year

Sam is off to his last day of preschool today. I have mixed feelings about it but mostly I'm just so proud of my little guy for all he has learned and how much he has grown up. I'm also thankful for his amazing teachers who have the patience to teach not just my child but loads others on a daily basis. In honor of his last day of school I'm letting him wear whatever he wants to school. Don't you just love his hat, shorts, and snow boots combo? I love this kid. :)

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Happy Birthday Sophia!

My beautiful little princess is 2 today! Where has the time gone? Sophia is my rough and tumble princess. She loves frilly clothes, the color pink, hair clips, shoes, and playing in the dirt and jumping off of things she shouldn't. She is full of spunk and attitude and is never shy to tell you what she wants. She is a girl after her momma's own heart. :)