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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Things that make me happy besides my family

Bobby Long and Sam Bradley. Two very talented up and coming musicians. They co-wrote Let Me Sign with Twilight star Robert Pattinson. Todd and I are lucky enough to see both of them in Nashville next month. Another great thing is that Bobby just released his first single on Itunes. Go find him and buy it's awesome. Just search for Bobby Long Left to Lie and you should be able to find it. If you have trouble just let me know and I'll hook you up. :) Also make sure you check out for more info on the guys. :)

My amazingly talented neighbor and friend Robin started her very own Etsy store. :) She has made lots of really cool scrabble tile pendants and is working on lots of other neat stuff. She inspires me to be crafty and we have a good time talking about projects and brainstorming ways to make things. Besides being super talented she is very sweet but strong woman who challenges me to think. Everyone go check out her store on Etsy and buy some of her awesome creations.

I love Coke Zero. It gives me my caffeine fix without the calories .
We got a new shower head. The old one was gross and didn't really make it that easy to bathe the kids. Those this isn't a super nice model it was cheap and will work for the time being. Best part is that it will make giving the kids a bath much easier and wont require me to throw cups of water at the shower walls when I'm trying to clean it. :)

Bones season 2. Todd got this for me for a just because gift. I've been loving this show and really have been enjoying watching these episodes again. :) This show is smart and fun and I recommend that everyone watch it.

Twilight!!! Yeah it came out on DVD on March 21st. I order mine from and it arrived sometime after that release date (it was so popular that they weren't able to send them out to everyone on the release date). I have already watched it once with the commentary which is hilarious and the movie once with Todd. I'm sure we will watch it many more times and I still have extra features to check out when the kids are sleeping and Todd isn't home. :)

Month in review

Since it's been awhile I thought I would remind you what I look like and that I am still a live. I realize it's been awhile since I posted so I thought it was high time to let you all know what we've been up to and all.

Since Todd has some downtime. We've had a change in work situations and he gets to hang out with us a couple of days before getting into the swing of a new job situation. We've been enjoying a leisure day of playing and some McDonalds. Right now they are playing in the other room while I update the blog. The next three pictures of them hanging out right now. :)

Sophia is now a very efficient mover and gets under foot all the time. Besides Army crawling on her belly she has now mastered a normal crawl, standing up on her own, and getting into things that she shouldn't. She and Sam are having lots of fun getting into trouble together. Below are two pictures of her in time out in her crib so I could give her brother a bath without her getting into something she shouldn't.

I rearranged the kids room and did a little redecorating of sorts. I finally got around to buying the wood letters to put Sophia's name up on the wall. All in all it looks great and I'm happy that I finally got it done. I also had some drawers fixed in the dressers that were starting to come apart. If you need any handy work done let me know and I can give you the number for Matt Stumpf who fixed my drawers and had them back to me by the end of the weekend.

(The best part of the pictures that follow is Sam and Sophia's reactions to me taking pictures check them out)

(I bought these little latern lights to hang up in the kids room to use as a night light. The always want one light on, but I thought the big lamps were putting out too much light and that these little lights are more cost efficent. Yes we realize they are hung weird, but it was really hard to hang them in a pattern as the lights are little round paper lanterns that don't exactly hang flat. I would have hung them differently if we didn't have the stupid heating coils.)

Trip to Lowes. I had to buy picture hooks for Sophia's name and a few other random hardware things. The kids had a blast sitting in the car shaped shopping cart. That thing is hard to drive though thats for sure.
Morning time fun. We hung out in our pjs and watched cartoons all day. So forgive us for looking like bums. :)

There you have it. Thats our month in review in photos. The only thing I didn't get pictures of was playing outside a few times and a trip to McDonalds that the kids and I took the other day with Nana Peg. More posts to come before long. I'll try and be better about keeping this updated.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Things that make me happy or least for the moment :)

Brand new door mat. The last one flew away in the last storm we had. It was a cheap mat and really wasn't that great. This time though I decided to get something a little better. Sam and I took a little outing just the two of us the other day and went to Lowes and bought this great door mat. Sam helped picked it out(he liked the dots). I'm thrilled that I have a new door mat that is heavy enough to stay put in this weird KY weather and is also good for the environment. It's made from recycled tires and meant to last. The best part it's just a touch sarcastic and fun. :)

Finding this picture of my silly Sam today as I was looking for a specific photo for a friend. He cracks me up and is so much fun.

New haircut and highlights. I went to Planet Salon and had my hair done. It's been a few days and this is the curly version and I still love it. It can't be very difficult to love a cut when it's both straight and curly (especially if your hair is naturally curly and they style it straight at the salon). I however love it and love my new highlights. Now to just find some makeup so I don't look like a dead vampire. :)

Finding a few flowers in the otherwise dead flower bed in front of the house. If the weather is good this coming week on Todd's day my goal is to pull some weeds and possibly get some new stuff to plant. Nothing says spring is coming like seeing some cute little flowers in bloom. :)

We are a two car family again. This makes me very happy. We purchased a 1999 Toyota Avalon from our friends (and Neighbors). It has taken a lot of stress off of trying to cordinate things with only one car, and has given me freedom to run errands with the kids without stress. Less stress is good. :)

Todd! He's amazing. Look at him feeding our sweet girl a bottle before going to work. Not only that he does breakfast every morning which gives me time to start the laundry, make beds, pull out everyone's clothes for the day, do our online banking, and whatever else I need to get done. He's an amazing husband and I'm so thankful for him and all the little ways he tells me he loves me. :)

On the move

Yep, Sophia is moving. Just shortly after turning 9 months old this girl has decided she is not waiting around for Mom to come and move her if she wants to be some where else. Sophia hasn't perfected the typical crawling, but does do a very good army commando crawl. :)

She has gotten so good at getting around that I sometimes have to figure out where she went while I'm doing a simple task around the house. Yesterday she got herself stuck behind the entertainment unit and thought it was funny. I have no idea how she got in there since there is literally only 4 inches between the entertainment center and the wall. She wasn't hurt at all and had no scrapes, but she sure did give me a scare.

(oh yeah....she also has two teeth now as you can see from the pictures above.)

All about the man

Yesterday it was nice and we spent several hours playing outside. We played so much that Sam was falling asleep in his chair at dinner last night at 5pm.

Today it was suppose to rain (it hasn't yet though)and we decided to do some things inside. Sam got to watch his favorite movie Cars and even watched some Blues Clues. Besides watching tv we also played with the wooden Jenga pieces and built towers and castles and everything else on the dinning room table.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Hanging out at the park

Yesterday we went to Lexington and hung out at one of the parks for a little bit. Sophia had a blast hanging out in the swing and enjoyed being out in the sun and seeing the other kids. Sam on the other hand wouldn't get on a single swing, slide, or piece of playground equipment. Instead he just wanted Todd to chase him. Oh well at least we enjoyed a little bit of sunshine. Maybe next time I'll be able to get a picture of Sam if he stops running around long enough.