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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Can you tell they are sick?

I think it's been a combination of the funky weather and allergies that have finally claimed my normally sweet (though energetic) children and turned them into sad looking zombies. Both kids and I had fevers for the last 2 days and the kids both have major congestion and coughs. I have been fortunate to only have some congestion and some neck pain. I know that means sinus issues for me so I've been able to self medicate and feel somewhat better. Today was the first time they have started acting like they are feeling a little better. Here's some pictures of the fun today.

The things we do to look good

Went back to Planet Salon to get more highlights and get my hair trimmed up. The stylist Todd said that I take really good care of my hair and it shows. I'm glad as I'm growing it back out for Locks Of Love again. Anyways here are the pics of how it all turned out. I'm pretty pleased with it. :)

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Look what Sophia found to play with....

A few pictures from my recent trip to Nashville

Todd and I were able to drive down to Nashville for the Bobby Long and Sam Bradley concert. We had a great time meeting other Land of Dreamer people that I've talked to a lot over the last few months, meet the musicians, and experience Nashville together. I was sad to leave as there was a second concert with the guys, but we had to return home and get back to work and being responsible adults. :) The guys really are amazing and even better in concert than listening to them via you tube videos.

Meeting Sam Bradley with my fellow Land of Dreamer friend Tara
Sam Bradley getting ready to play.
The lovely Bobby Long. I adore this guy and know that he is going to have an amazing career. He is very talented and is also very sweet. Todd even thought he was good and said he wouldn't mind going back to see him play another time. Bobby Long playing.
Just a taste of the music. :)

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Meeting Sam Bradley

(I wrote this after getting home from Nashville and having slept only 4 hours. Had to write it down before I forgot it. Also if it seems choppy there are a few things that I left out on purpose since I didn't think I needed to give you the entire conversation that I had with Sam, but I mostly just wanted to share in the excitement of meeting him and just the experience as a whole)

I was standing in line for How to Be and talking to my friend and some girls in line about why they came to see the movie, talked Twilight and whatever, when all of the sudden Sam walks right past me. I turned to my friend and was OME do you know who that is? She was like no who is that? So I told her that's Sam Bradley. She was like THE SAM BRADLEY that you've been gushing about for the last hour and talking LOD stuff about. I was like yeah. I wasn't going to approach him or anything since he was just being a normal guy and was waiting to go see How To Be.

But I totally started geeking out and getting all excited and I was talking about seeing him and Bobby on Wed and how no one would believe that I saw him. Well she decided that I was not going to wait till Wed. and said that I deserved to meet him now. lol I love my friend. So she goes over and asks him when he's done talking would he mind coming over and meet and take a picture with a friend of hers who is a big fan. He said Absolutely and smiled really big.

So after a few minutes he comes over and my friend was like this is Nikki Montgomery she is one of the LOD street team gals to which his response was 'wicked'. She asked him to take a picture with me again and he agreed. So I hand my friend my camera he put his arm around me (he smells amazing too by the way). My camera is one of those weird ones were there is pause between when you push the button and when it takes the picture. So I'm like did it take? My friend is like um...hang on. Sam then looks to me and says Be Patient. I'll hang out for as long as it takes to get a picture with you and smiles really big. OME!!!!! My friend asked us to smile and he then said I'm not gonna smile but then laughed. I thanked him for his time and told him I was excited to see him play again on Wed. His response was absolutely and then thanked me for taking a picture with him. He thanked me!!

He's such a doll and you can tell he is totally comfortable having his picture taken and being around people. After Sam left everyone around me was asking who he was. Oh course I totally told everyone there about LOD and even got the email address of one of the girls I saw getting her picture with him so I can contact her about LOD and see if I could get a copy of her picture.I even got tons of email addresses from people that I collected and told I would email about LOD :)

Totally awesome experience. The rest of the day was incredible too. I met and got to hang out with the director, the score guy, and two of the actors for awhile and got pictures and had an awesome time with them. How To Be is a wonderful film. Very poignant and beautiful and I can't wait to see it again. According to Oliver it will be out in the UK next month and then on DVD in the US hopefully the month after next and told me that it would be on the IFC channel in Demand later this month. Anyways Awesome experience.

(OME--is a Twilight reference to Edward. It's like saying you've been dazzled! :))

How To Be

I almost didn't want to post these pictures since I think I look so awful, but it was such a cool experience that I have to share the pictures.

I was fortunate enough to go see How To Be at the Nashville Film Festival this past weekend.

I've wanted to see this film for a long time. Heard so many great things about it and read all about the film on the How to Be official website. When I heard that tickets were on sale to see it somewhat close to me I bought tickets as soon as they were available. The first day the tickets went on sale they sold out. I was beyond bummed but figured I would check the next day just in case. Well as luck would have it I was able to score the last two tickets to the movie. I even called to verify that I did indeed have tickets since I was in shock. When I called the ticketmaster she said that I just bought me tickets that someone was getting a refund on and that I had indeed bought the last two tickets for that showing. SCORE!! In fact the demand was so high to see the movie that a few days after I got my tickets they added a second screening.

Colleen and I drove down to Nashville to see it on Sunday. We had a wonderful drive down and even did a little unintentional exploring of Nashville trying to find the theater. When we finally arrived we weren't sure where we were suppose to enter the theater as they had a red carpet laid out and we didn't think we were suppose to be there. We stopped a woman and asked for the best way to get in since it was a multilevel theater. She told us to go to the fourth floor and go in that way. So we walked up 4 flights of stairs only to find a sign on the door there that said for us to go back to the place we had just come for.

We had time so we decided that we would go and grab some dinner before the movie. We walked over to the Cheesecake Factory and had a wonderful dinner (I had a CA cheese steak sandwich and asparagus. It was yummy!) and headed back to the theater. After finally getting to the right floor we walked in to find that the line for the movie was already wrapping around. We got in line and figured as long as we had seats it didn't matter if we had to sit right in front of the screen. We were fortunate enough not to have to do that and actually got really good seats in the middle of the theater towards the end of the row (so Colleen could get up and use the potty if she needed to...she is pregnant after all).

The movie was just as good as I had heard it was. It was very funny and did a fabulous job exploring all the characters. Though the film was only 85 minutes it felt a lot faster to me since the story moved so well. I wont give any of the plot away in case you all want to see it, but it was hilarious. The best part though was experiencing it with a group of people who were just as excited to see it. There is a special kinda thing that happens when everyone gasps, or laughs at the same time that makes the movie experience more fun.

After the film ended there was a brief Q & A with the Director/Writer Oliver Irving and the Two of the main actors Johnny White who plays Ronnie and Mike Pierce who plays Nikki in the film.(Rob couldn't be there due to filming New Moon but I don't think he was scheduled to be there anyways) and Joe Hastings who wrote and composed the soundtrack/score. There were some good questions about filming and stuff and a few questions asked by the Rob fans what it was like to work with him which the the guys were joking that it was awful to work with him because he's such a diva and all that. lol.

When the Q & A was over they told us that we needed to exit and wait in the lobby if we had more questions or wanted pictures with the guys since the next film was suppose to have started 2 minutes before. Oops. Anyways Colleen and I decided to hang out in the lobby and talk to the guys. We did have questions for them unlike the other girls who just wanted quick pictures and autographs. We had a really good time chatting with them and they seemed to be at ease with us since we were trying to find out more about what they did and how things work and all. You could tell that the whole celebrity aspect of it was weird to them and they were enjoying being treated like the normal guys that they are.

Joe Hastings and I had a really good conversation about music and about how he came up with the songs and stuff. He was a fascinating guy and I would have loved to picked his brain and find out more about things. Johnny was friendly but you could tell he was a little distracted. I think his girlfriend was there and he was trying to keep tabs on her so she wouldn't feel left out. Oliver was great too. He said his next project is a 'kinda sci-fi but not really sci-fi movie'. Hmm...I wonder what that means. I was really impressed with Oliver and thought he was handling the success of his movie very well considering this was his first film out of film school and that he had been on the film festival circuit since 2003. You could tell he was relieved that his movie was finally getting some recognition and getting an audience. Mike Pierce who played Nikki though was by far the funniest of the guys. We got him laughing and were having a good time chatting with us. He spilled some filming secrets that we heard Oliver telling him that he shouldn't share. lol and we got Mike to do his little jig that he does in the movie. He was hilarious!

The interesting thing about the guys though was that none of them consider themselves actors. Mike likes doing behind the scene stuff, Joe wants to do music and soundtracks/scores (he had a bit part in the movie too as Dave), and Johnny wants to do music full time. The reason that these guys were actors in this movie was because they were friends with Oliver in film school and wanted to help him out. The whole lot of them are super talented and I can't wait to see what they do in the future and hopefully we will see more of these talented British guys again soon.

New Toy

New Toy. I got a new camera after having had the other one for over 4 years. Don't get me wrong I enjoyed the old one but it was just time for a new one. Lucky for me we had enough bank points to turn in and got ourselves a few giftcards for Target. Not a ton of selection but I was able to get a nice little 10 mega Pixel camera for a really good price. Plus I talked them down from the price that was posted. Yes you can actually do that and it never hurts to ask. I got the above pictures with it. I'm still playing with settings and getting use to it. The only down part of the camera is that the shutter speed is a bit slow and sometimes you have to hold your pose longer than you think you should to get the picture. All in all though I'm okay with it and look forward to taking even more pictues.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Marissa Noe Photography

Remember this cute picture of my kids? Marissa is a very talented photographer (who is super patient with very wiggly kids) and has a great eye for making the ordinary seem beautiful. If you are in need of any kind of photos (family pictures, weddings, etc.) you should check out her website at: for rates and information. When you decide to get pictures let her know that I sent you. :)

Monday, April 13, 2009

Because my kids are so darn cute

Pictures were taken yesterday. The kids both had nice yellow pieces to wear for Easter. While I don't normally think yellow looks good on pale people I must say my kids looked adorable. :)

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Beautiful Day (Why this day has been so awesome)

Today has been a beautiful day. Besides the fact that it didn't snow and that it was sorta warm outside some other cool and fun stuff happened.

*Todd was off of work this morning and we got to hang out as a family and went out for lunch (steak pizza and strawberry salad. Yummy!!) and I got two new cds today at Best Buy that I really wanted (Iron and Wine 'The Shepherds Dog' and Death Cab for Cutie 'Plans' cd).

*After getting home I checked the mail and found a package today from my friend Leigh-Anne. She ordered the movie The Cake Eaters and had it mailed to me. What a sweet friend. :)

*Bought tickets to go see How to Be in Nashville on April 19th. Colleen and I will get to see it and I'm so excited. The movie has gotten lots of great reviews and I'm excited to see it at the Nashville Film Festival. The cool thing about this is that the movie was sold out but I still managed to get 2 tickets to go see it. I called the ticketmaster of it and the woman said that I was one lucky gal because I ordered my tickets at the same time they were issuing a refund to someone else who couldn't go.

*New Sam Bradley song posted on video. This is how I started my day. :)

*The buttons that I ordered for my jacket arrived in the mail today so I'll be able to sew those buttons on and my used jacket will look good as new.

*Shared some friendship bread and some great conversation with Robin (my super talented neighbor and friend that I've mentioned before). We talked crafts, religion, family, and history. It's always refreshing to talk to her and I always feel like I've learned something from her after we talk.

*My adorable kiddos were in great moods all day. Sam even got to go outside and play with Todd for a little bit before work and it was great that they got to spend a little time together.
(this picture isn't from today but it's the only picture I had of the kids together lol)

*Now I'm watching Ghost Hunters and enjoying some down time while the kids sleep and Todd is still at work. It's been a good day! :)

Tuesday, April 7, 2009


*sigh* What a beautiful song. You must watch this and tell me what you think.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Newest family member

Todd and I took the kids this morning to PetSmart to get our newest family member. Please welcome Jasper the Beta to the Montgomery family. :) He's a beautiful red blue color is has to be by himself because he's a Beta and beta's like to fight. Sam and Sophia are both very excited about their new pet as are Todd and I.

Daddy and his girl

Last night while I was doing some things online Todd and Sophia were having some quality cuddle time after she ate dinner. Could these two be any cuter?