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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Opportunity (and seeing Santa)

Last Saturday we had the wonderful opportunity to go to the local Ronald McDonald House in Lexington. Todd and I have been feeling like we need a place to volunteer so we got in touch with an old friend of Todd's to see if they could use at the RM house. Oh course they said they could and we were invited to attend the open house they were having for Christmas.

We didn't know Santa or that Ronald McDonald was going to be there but the kids were suprised. I didn't take my camera but the pictures above are from Kelly Hamilton the director of Volunteers there at the house. Sam loved seeing Santa and told him for Christmas he wanted an orange dog and a some trees. lol. Sophia was not impressed and wanted nothing to do with Santa. I have bruise marks on my arm from how hard she was holding on to me.

All in all we had a wonderful time despite the freezing snowing temps outside and we are thrilled to join the RM house after the new year as volunteers.

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