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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Our newest family member

Everyone this is Rufus. We adopted Rufus from the Lexington Humane Society. He is 3 yrs old and is super sweet. He loves the kids and doesn't seem to mind a lot of noise and chaos. He's a small breed dog that is a mix of a Terrier and something else. We think the something else may be a beagle. Because of his size he doesn't scare the kids which is good since the kids showed some anxiety with some of the other dogs we looked at that were a lot bigger than Rufus.

Besides being the smallest dog he was also the only one that showed in interest in the kids and gave lots of love right off. He's a perfect fit for us (though I don't really think he'll be going on morning runs with me).  He's already got a bed and his carrot toy and has been exploring the house like crazy. We have had a handful of accidents but are sure in a couple of days he'll have it figured it and that wont be an issue. It's a learning curve for all of us. Oh and yes Rufus was his orginal name and we decided to keep it. Seems only right to let him keep it since that's the name he's had his whole life.

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marissa noe said...

He's adorable!!!! And Rufus is such a sweet name for a dog! Congrats :) (and good luck!)